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Eurovision 2011: Interviu exclusiv – Maja Keuc ( Slovenia)

Eurovision 2011: Interviu exclusiv – Maja Keuc ( Slovenia)

O voce puternica, sensibilitate, si o piesa ce deja este considerata a fi una dintre cele mai bune din Eurovisionul acestui an. Asa poate fi descrisa reprezentanta Sloveniei la Eurovision 2011, Maja Keuc.
La doar 19 ani, Maja a castigat deopotriva voturile publicului, cat si pe cele ale juriului, si i-a convins sa o trimita la Dusseldorf. Inteleapta decizie, credem noi.
Star Gossip i-a luat un interviu frumoasei artiste din Slovenia si a descoperit o persoana cu adevarat…radianta.
Iata ce ne-a declarat:

Hello, Maja and thanks for sharing with us this interview! First, tell us what feelings gives you your immediate future participation in this year’s Eurovision?

I’m very happy and honored for being chosen to represent Slovenia at ESC 2011. I can’t believe that this is happening at my only 19 years and also because I’m a new face in our country. This is a life´s opportunity for me and I’m actually living my dreams.

Your song, “Vanilija”, is one of the most powerful songs this year. Tell us which its story, its message is and whether do you consider to find yourself in it.

Well, thank you! It is about the love in triangle and insincerity between a woman and a man. Vanilla is the smell of unknown woman who comes between a couple. They both know that this smell is strong enough to break the love, but they do not want to concede this. Especially she is still strong in love and that is why she hopes that someday he will realize that she’s the right person for him.

Why have you decided to present on Dusseldorf stage the song’s version in English? Do you consider having a greater impact on public this way?

For ESC song it has been realized that sounds better in English, because it’s a bit softer and more fluently. But this doesn’t mean that Slovenian language isn’t beautiful and very expressive. I am in love in music created by Papir ensemble where I am singing only in Slovenian language.

Many of the participant country have decided to send former winners of X factor versions, which is also your case too. Do you consider that such contests have the power today to reveal natural born talents?

Well, I think such contests are perfect for revealing natural born talents. In our country this was the most watching show ever in history of TV and it had the best promotion I could ever imagine. Actually, this is some kind of reality show and people are starting to identify with the contestants. They supported us even later when the show is finished. I deeply appreciate this support and hope that I will not disappoint my fans.

Tell us more about your promoting video and your show on Dusseldorf stage

I’m sorry but I can’t tell you anything about it yet, because we are still creating it. However, song speaks for itself, it has the power of strong feelings and in my opinion it doesn’t need anything else then good interpretation, strong charisma, youth and honesty.

You will be part of the second semifinal, which is the most powerful. Which of your opponents do you consider to be the fearest?

Well, I’m taking music as a very personal thing. I do not worry about the other contestants. Each of us is special and each wants to go to finals. One will succeed, the others will feel the bitterness, and I am convinced that everyone do as best as possible.

You have a great voice and musical skills. Have you thought of launching yourself also abroad?

Thank you for your kindness. Music knows no boundaries, although some kind of music has its roots in different countries. I welcome the invitation, the opportunities to continue my career in abroad, but I aware that this is difficult and cannot be taken for granted.

What do you know by far about Romania and our musical culture?

There is a lot of thing, because we were neighbors in former Yugoslavia. Romanian culture is largely derived from the Roman, with strains of Slavic, Magyar, Greek, and Turkish influence. Poems and folk music have always held a central place in Romanian culture. In high school I have been learned about Romanian literature, art, and music. Although Romania has been influenced by divergent Western trends, it also has a rich native culture like original folk music includes dance music, laments and ballads, and pastoral music. Major instruments are the violin, the cobza, the tambal , and the flute. Folk melodies are preserved in the music of modern Romanian composers such as Georges Enesco. Probably the best known singer in Slovenia who is coming from Romania is Inna. She has a Slovenian dancer’s crew.

Tell us a bit about Maja Keuc – the woman behind the stage.

Maja is a 19-years old girl from a small village (Candle village) on the outskirts of Slovenia; still a teenager. She is sometimes stubborn and rushed; a girl who appreciates heartfelt love and friendship. Lately she is sometimes confused and unsure and the girl who wants to study music in an abroad. I’m in love with music and really passionate about it.

Share a message for our readers and all your Romanian admirers!

Thank you for your support! Music has been created for a pleasure and development of human mind. Wish you all the best and a lot of good music and positive vibrations! 😉

Iata si traducerea in romana a interviului:

1. Buna Maja, multumim ca ne-ai acordat acest interviu. Mai intai spune-ne ce sentimente iti da participarea ta din viitorul apropiat la Eurovisionul din acest an?

Sunt foarte fericita si onorata ca am fost aleasa sa reprezint Slovenia la Eurovision 2011. Nu-mi vine sa cred ca mi se intampla asta la cei doar 19 ani ai mei, si mai ales pentru ca sunt un nume muzical nou in tara mea. Aceasta este sansa vietii mele si imi traiesc visele.

2. Piesa ta, “Vanilija ( No one)” este una dintre cele mai puternice din acest an. Vorbeste-ne despre povestea si mesajul ei si daca te regasesti in versurile ei.

Multumesc! In piesa este vorba despre un triunghi amoros si despre minciuna dintre o femeie si un barbat. Vanilia este mirosul femeii necunoscute care intervine intr-un cuplu. Ambii parteneri stiu ca mirosul ei este indeajuns de puternic pentru a-i desparti, insa nu vor sa conceapa asta. Mai ales ca ea este foarte indragostita si spera ca intr-o zi el sa realizeze ca ea este persoana potrivita pentru el.

3. De ce ai decis sa prezinti, pe scena de la Dusseldorf, versiunea in engleza a piesei? Consideri ca ai un mai mare impact asupra publicului in acest mod?

Am realizat ca, pentru Eurovision, piesa suna mai bine in engleza, pentru ca este mai soft si mai fluenta. Insa asta nu inseamna ca limba slovena nu este frumoasa si expresiva. Sunt indragostita de muzica ansamblului Papir unde cant doar in limba slovena.

4. Multe dintre tarile participante au decis sa trimita fosti concurenti ai versiunilor X Factor din tarile lor, ceea ce este si cazul tau. Consideri ca astfel de concursuri pot revela talente adevarate in muzica?

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Ei bine, cred ca astfel de competitii sunt foarte bune in a descoperi talente noi. In tara noastra X Factor a fost cel mai urmarit show in industria televiziunii si a beneficiat de o promovare mai buna decat mi-as fi putut imagina. De fapt, este mai mult un reality show iar publicul incepe sa se identifice cu concurentii. Publicul ne-a sprijinit si mai tarziu, dupa ce show-ul s-a terminat. Apreciez foarte mult sprijinul lor si sper ca nu imi voi dezamagi fanii.

5. Spune-ne mai multe despre videoclipul de promovare a piesei si despre show-ul de pe scena de la Dusseldorf.

Imi pare rau insa nu pot sa spun nimic despre asta inca, pentru ca suntem inca in etapa de creatie. Totusi, piesa vorbeste de la sine, mesajul ei are sentimente puternice si in opinia mea nu are nevoie de nimic decat de o interpretare buna, charisma, tinerete si sinceritate.

6. Vei concura in cea de-a doua semifinala, care este cea mai puternica. Care dintre oponentii tai consideri ca este cel mai de temut?

Privesc muzica drept un lucru foarte personal. Nu imi fac griji in privinta celorlalti concurenti. Fiecare dintre noi este special si fiecare isi doreste sa ajunga in finala. O data ce s-a reusit acest lucru, ceilalti se vor simti putin tristi, si sunt convinsa ca fiecare va da ce are mai bun pe scena.

7. Ai o voce foarte puternica si un talent real. Te-ai gandit sa te lansezi chiar si in afara Sloveniei?

Multumesc pentru aprecieri. Muzica nu cunoaste limite, desi unele stiluri au radacini in anumite tari. Sunt foarte deschisa ideii, oportunitatii de a-mi continua cariera in afara, insa realizez ca acest lucru este dificil si ca nu poate fi luat ca atare.

8. Ce stii pana acum despre Romania si despre cultura noastra muzicala?

Stiu multe lucruri, deoarece suntem vecini in fosta Iugoslavie. Cultura romaneasca deriva mult din cea romana, cu influente slave, maghiare, grecesti si turcesti. Poeziile si muzica folk au avut mereu un loc central in cultura romaneasca. In liceu am studiat despre literatura, arta si muzica romaneasca. Desi in Romania s-au manifestat tendinte din vest, cultura sa nativa este una foarte bogata, precum muzica folk, pastorala, sau balade. Cele mai importante instrumente sunt: vioara, cobza, tambalul si flautul. Muzica folk se pastreaza in muzica moderna a compozitorilor romani, precum George Enescu. Probabil cel mai cunoscut artist roman in Slovenia este Inna, care are si un dansator de origine slovena.

9. Vorbeste-ne putin despre Maja Keuc – femeia din spatele scenei.

Maja este o tanara in varsta de 19 ani, originara dintr-un oras micut ( Candle), zona rurala a oraselului, inca o adolescenta. Uneeori este incapatanata si grabita, o fata ce apreciaza iubirea si prietenia sincera. Uneori este confuza si nesigura, intocmai ca fata care vrea sa studieze muzica in afara. Sunt indragostita de muzica si cu adevarat foarte pasionata in aceasta privinta.

10. Lasa-ne un mesaj pentru cititorii nostri si toti sustinatorii tai din Romania!

Multumesc pentru sprijinul vostru. Muzica a fost creata pentru placerea si evolutia mintii umane. Va doresc numai bine si multa muzica buna si vibratii pozitive!

Thank you very much, Maja, and we wish you to be the best on Eurovision’s stage, on 12th May – Dusseldorf!

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