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Videoclip: Amna – ‘La la like it’

Videoclip: Amna – ‘La la like it’



Amna nu sta pe bara in vara aceasta, ci este din ce in ce mai HOT!
Artista a lansat astazi, in regia lui Florin Botea, videoclipul celui mai recent single, “La la like it”.
Noua productie video vine la o luna dupa ce Amna ne-a oferit un alt clip haios – Tonight.
Single-ul a fost produs de Mario Firtescu.

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  • I’m sure you’ve seen the Strymon Blue Sky reverb. That one looks amazing. I’m probably gonna have to pick that one up. Did I mention that I’m ditching the M13 and going back to pedals?

  • Benny, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head on so many levels. My favorite part was about the facebook status updates of people writing “is it Friday yet.” I always tell people that they’re only living 2/7th of their life when they think life that. My goals are kind of insane and don’t make sense to most people. Surfing the world is not practical by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s impractical pursuits that got me to where I’m at, and it seems to be a road worth doing down.

  • Not only the work of the General Comptroller but also part of the “check and balance” duty of the National Assembly. But again, who is doing his job in Venezuela’s branches of government? Our constitution needs a stronger legislative branch. But that’s just one of my fantasies.

  • So beautiful..3rd time i red it now..I know how dificult it is to decide if one want to share something that personal so public.. but you made the right choice, both meeting him and sharing it with the world!Its really heart warming..I miss my dad so much now..And I will give my mom and grandma a call, first thing tomorrow!Thank You K.

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